Organic, healthier food for A better world

Our dream is to become a benchmark for trusted BIO food

WHY organic?

For you and your family’s health, avoid consuming the cocktail of poisoning chemicals, genetically modified organisms , antibiotics and hormones used in conventional food!

Consume more nutrients, vitamins and minerals and discover the real taste!

Contribute to the fight for a healthy ecosystem and for the protection of  water and soil resources!

Sustain the producers of healthy food for more and more convenient prices!

Fight for healthy families and clean food!

organic PRODUCTS

In our farms from Sylvania County/Transylvania, we produce organic cow milk, organic soya and sunflower presscakes as well as cold pressed organic certified soya and sunflower  oil. We also offer organic cereals and organic calves.

organic ACQuisitions

We are permanently interested in the best offers for diesel purchase, inputs for organic crops, organic oleaginous cereals, fitofarmaceutical products, organic cereals and presscakes as well as spare parts and mentainance services for mechanical equipments.

We are people, places and dreams


We are a bunch of transylvanian people, in love with the green fields and gentle cows, working together in Sylvania County. We work in the villages where we grew up and we strongly believe in the people of the place.  We believe that we will succeed right in these places and to do that, we put the sun from this sky and the grass from these fields into the best milk.

We farm over 2400 ha of organic land and we produce the food for over 1800 milk cows. We produce organic soya and sunflower presscakes for obtaining the best feeds and also we produce organic oil.


We are Sylvania Organic Farms - Agricultural Cooperative

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